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About Program

UST Youth Basketball League

  • What: 1 practice and 1 game per week for 8 weeks
  • Who: 1st-6th grade boys and girls
  • When: September 18th – November 9th
  • Cost: $215 for the season (+ $35 uniform fee for new players)
  • Where: The University of St. Thomas – Jerabeck Athletic and Activity Center (4000 Mt. Vernon, Houston, Texas 77006)

Note :

With Jersey: For new players who need a jersey
Without Jersey: For returning players who already have a jersey

About Program

Medina Basketball Fall AAU Teams - Houston

  • What: 10 Weeks – 2 practices per week 5 Tournaments
  • Who: 6th-12th grade boys
  • When: September 18th – November 23rd
  • Cost: $1125 for the season (Includes 20 practices, 5 tournaments, and Uniform package)
  • Where: The University of St. Thomas – Jerabeck Athletic and Activity Center (4000 Mt. Vernon, Houston, Texas 77006)

Note :

With Jersey: For new players who need a jersey
Without Jersey: For returning players who already have a jersey

About Program

Medina Basketball Fall AAU Teams - Woodlands

  • What: 10 Weeks – 2 practices per week 5 Tournaments
  • Who: 6th-12th grade boys
  • When: September 18th – November 23rd
  • Cost: $1125 for the season (Includes 20 practices, 5 tournaments, and Uniform package)
  • Where: Bear Branch Junior High School

Note :

With Jersey: For new players who need a jersey
Without Jersey: For returning players who already have a jersey

About Program

UST Summer Basketball Camps

  • Who: Boys and girls grades 2-8th.
  • Where: Jerabeck Athletic and Activity Center – The University of St. Thomas (4000 Mt. Vernon, Houston, Texas 77006)
  • What: 4-day summer program with drills, fun games, videos, and competitive scrimmages.
  • When: Multiple weeks in the summer (July 8th – July 12th), 8 am-3 pm daily with provided lunch
  • Cost: $350/week (lunch included)
junior basketball clubs
About Program

Individual Lessons

  • Who: Boys and girls of all ages.
  • Where: Jerabeck Athletic and Activity Center
  • What: 1 on 1 private lesson with Coach Anthony. Includes a personalized program plan for home practice.
  • When: Scheduled based on availability
  • Cost: $85/hr
junior basketball team

Basketball Camps, Training Club, Teams for Youth and Kids in Houston Texas

Boys & Girls Basketball Training Club (1 to 6 Grade [6 to 12 years])

At Medina Basketball Academy, we specialize in developing young athletes through our Boys & Girls Basketball Training Club. Catering to children aged 6 to 12, our program is designed to foster skill development, teamwork, and a love for the game. With expert coaching and age-appropriate drills, 1st to 6th-grade students will improve their fundamental basketball skills while having fun and staying active. Join us to help your child excel on and off the court!

Junior Basketball Clubs

Medina Basketball Academy’s Junior Basketball Clubs offer an excellent opportunity for young players to enhance their basketball abilities. Our clubs are perfect for young athletes looking to build a strong sports foundation. We focus on core skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense, all within a supportive and engaging environment. With our experienced coaches, your child will gain confidence and improve their game while making new friends and learning valuable life skills.

Summer Youth Basketball Camps

Our Summer Youth Basketball Camps at Medina Basketball Academy provide an immersive basketball experience for young athletes. These camps are designed to improve skills, fitness, and game knowledge through various fun and challenging activities. Campers will participate in drills, scrimmages, and competitions, all under the guidance of our skilled coaches. Whether your child is new to basketball or looking to refine their skills, our summer camps offer the perfect balance of instruction, practice, and enjoyment.

Spring Basketball Leagues

Medina Basketball Academy’s Spring Basketball Leagues allow young athletes to play competitive basketball in a structured and supportive environment. Our leagues are tailored to various skill levels, ensuring every participant can compete, learn, and grow. With regular games, practice sessions, and professional coaching, players will develop their basketball skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Join our spring leagues to take your game to the next level and enjoy the thrill of competition.

1-on-1 Basketball Training

For personalized and focused skill development, Medina Basketball Academy offers 1 on 1 Basketball Training sessions. Our dedicated coaches work closely with each athlete to identify strengths and areas for improvement, providing tailored instruction that targets individual needs. These sessions are perfect for players looking to refine specific skills, improve their game IQ, and gain a competitive edge. Experience the benefits of customized training and take your basketball performance to new heights.

AAU Basketball Houston

Medina Basketball Academy’s AAU Basketball Program in Houston is designed for serious athletes aiming to compete at higher levels. Our program offers rigorous training, competitive play, and exposure to college scouts and recruiters. Participants will benefit from high-intensity practices, strategic coaching, and participation in top-tier tournaments. If you’re committed to excelling in basketball and pursuing opportunities beyond high school, our AAU program provides the platform and support to help you achieve your goals.

Winter Basketball Camps

Don’t let skills hibernate! Our Winter Camps keep players sharp by revisiting fundamentals and quickly advancing to skill refinement. As confidence grows, the game’s intensity naturally rises, all within a fun, age-appropriate setting. We focus on performing under pressure, introducing complex drills like fast breaks and coordinated plays. Players improve footwork, develop shooting range, and learn defensive structures. These camps not only enhance basketball skills but also mature leadership abilities and sportsmanship, keeping winter engaging and productive.

Youth Basketball Near Me

Seeking quality training nearby? Medina Basketball offers top-notch programs right in your community. Under our seasoned coaches’ guidance, your child will learn, grow, and enjoy basketball close to home. We use local, high-quality facilities to ensure optimal skill development and game enjoyment. Whether a beginner or experienced player, we have a nearby program that fits. No need for long commutes—elite basketball education is just around the corner.

Youth Basketball Camps The Woodlands Texas & Houston

From The Woodlands to Houston, our camps set the Texas standard. Players learn from the best—Coach Medina and UST staff—in state-of-the-art facilities. We’re not just teaching; we’re shaping Texas’s basketball future. Our structured approach covers everything from basic motor skills to advanced spatial awareness. Camps are tailored to each area’s unique spirit, whether it’s The Woodlands’ community focus or Houston’s competitive edge. Join us and be part of Texas’s rising basketball legacy.

AAU Basketball Near Me in The Woodlands

Elevate your game with our AAU programs, available near you, in Houston, and The Woodlands. Here, training intensifies as players face tougher challenges. It’s a chance to enhance skills under pressure, represent your region, and catch scouts’ eyes. We start by revisiting game fundamentals, and then quickly move to advanced strategies. You’ll learn to perform under the clock’s pressure and opponents’ intensity. Joining our AAU teams means playing at a higher level, potentially opening doors to college basketball.

UST Fall Youth Basketball League

Join the esteemed UST league this fall and enter a more competitive arena. With a well-structured schedule, you’ll experience higher-level play, learning from college-caliber coaches. It’s not just about improving; it’s a chance to showcase talents to those shaping basketball futures. Our league revisits fundamentals but quickly advances to complex strategies. You’ll face coordinated offenses and varied defenses, improving under game pressure. Beyond skills, you’ll mature in leadership and sportsmanship. Don’t miss this opportunity to play where college dreams begin.

Fall Youth Basketball Leagues Near Me

As autumn leaves fall, local basketball courts come alive. Medina Basketball’s Fall Leagues are just around the corner, offering a perfect blend of skill development and fun. Our one-day-a-week format fits seamlessly into your autumn schedule. Practices before games allow kids to learn new skills and apply them immediately. We celebrate great sportsmanship every week, teaching values that extend beyond the court. Whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned player, our nearby leagues provide the right level of challenge and enjoyment. Don’t miss this opportunity for fall basketball excitement!

UST Fall Youth Basketball League Schedule

Plan your fall around basketball excellence with our UST League schedule. Designed for serious young athletes, this program offers a structured, college-inspired season. Games are thoughtfully timed to balance school commitments and peak performance. Our schedule includes skills workshops, competitive matches, and even collegiate-style tournaments. You’ll face diverse teams, each bringing unique strategies to test your abilities. Key dates feature coaching clinics by UST staff, enhancing your game understanding. With clear game times, locations, and special events, this comprehensive schedule ensures you’re always court-ready. Elevate your fall with UST basketball!

Basketball Camps, Classes & Teams

At Medina Basketball, we cater to every aspiration. Our diverse offerings cover all bases, from beginners in foundational classes to elite players on competitive teams. Our camps provide intensive, fun-filled training periods. Classes offer structured, ongoing education in basketball essentials. For those seeking challenges, our teams range from recreational to high-competitive AAU squads. Each program is age-appropriate, focusing on relevant skills—from basic motor functions to complex game strategies. Whatever the goal— fun, fitness, or a college scholarship—we have the perfect basketball pathway.


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