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About Us

The Legacy of Nurturing Young Players

Welcome to Medina Basketball Academy

Welcome to Medina Basketball, under the expert guidance of Coach Anthony Medina. Our Youth Basketball Programs are meticulously crafted to offer a vibrant learning space for young players where the focus is on both learning and enjoying the game.

Anthony’s passion for basketball and dedication to working with children drive our program’s ethos. With the vision of building something exceptional at UST, we aim to contribute significantly to the thriving basketball community in Houston. Our overarching goal is to foster an environment where players, regardless of age, can utilize basketball as a means to grow not only as athletes but also as students and individuals.

Our mission is to provide a platform that nurtures personal and athletic development, serving as a vehicle for growth on and off the court.

UST junior basketball team

Why Medina?

We know we are the best choice for Youth Basketball in Houston. But here’s why we believe so:

Expert UST Coaching & Player-Led Training

Exclusive guidance from UST Men’s Basketball Coaching staff and Players, ensuring top-tier expertise.

Elite Training by College Players

Led by current/former college players, providing exceptional mentorship.

Skill-Focused & Affordable Coaching

Prioritizing skill instruction at competitive rates, delivering value for families.

Convenient Main Gym Venue at UST

Activities are hosted in UST’s main gym, which offers a quality and accessible location.

Mentorship & Growth-Oriented Environment

High-level coaching and nurturing atmosphere for young players’ development.

Community Engagement & Impact

Aspiring to be a vital part of the Houston basketball community, aiming for significant impact beyond the court.

Professional Coaching Standards

Exclusive coaching by professionals, optimizing learning and skill development.

Central Houston Access

Conveniently located in the heart of Houston for families across the city and surrounding areas.


To create an exceptional basketball experience by fostering relationships between players and coaches, cultivating fundamental skills on the court, and nurturing a competitive yet sportsmanlike environment. At Medina Basketball, our mission is to provide a platform for players of all ages to utilize the game of basketball as a means to develop as athletes, students, and individuals.


Our vision is to be a cornerstone in the basketball community, where the essence of the sport is not just playing, but also about the development of character, skill, and camaraderie. We aspire to establish an environment that empowers individuals to grow holistically—physically, mentally, and personally—through the platform of basketball.

Basketball Skills Training
Focal Points

A Basketball Player's Focal Points

  • Physical Fitness & Skill Training: Conditioning for agility, strength, and skill refinement, vital for peak performance.
  • Mental Toughness & Strategy: Adaptability, decision-making, and court awareness are pivotal mental skills.
  • Team Dynamics & Communication: Effective teamwork through communication and coordination among teammates.
  • Character & Leadership: Traits like sportsmanship, resilience, and leadership shape individual and team success.
  • Injury Management & Recovery: Crucial for continuous performance and well-being.
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition: Proper nutrition and rest are essential for sustained athletic performance.
basketball training for 6 to 12 years


Personal Basketball Coach

Accreditations & Certifications

  • MBA – The University of St. Thomas, 2021
  • MAS (Sports and Fitness Management) – Missouri Western State University
  • ISSA – Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, 2023
  • NABC – Member since 2012
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